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How often do you walk into your home and find your shoes scattered everywhere or stacked up in pile? Even if you don’t, how much space do all the shoes in your household take?

Women are obsessed with shoes. We just are. Different shades, heights, forms – we have to have them all. Each pair for a different occasion in life… or just for different moods. Good old Carrie from Sex and The City sits so comfortably in our heads, typing up the solution for the next big dilemma.

Yet one day reality strikes: no more room for another pair, a fight with your partner about that perpetual shoe clutter, or just the realisation that you are spending too much money. Any joy that those new shoes once brought vanishes for good… just like a caffeine high.

The solution is quite traditional: chuck any unwanted footwear out or donate to charity. Only “keep what sparks joy” as Marie Kondo, aka Konmarie the de-cluttering queen, would say. One day the courage eventually comes to do just that. A whole day spent cleaning, bagging, and driving to the tip or a charity shop. Then it’s done! Excellent stuff! The mood is up again and… it’s about time to go shopping again. Hugo Boss and LK Bennett have just released new collections and there are some great sales. Back in the high!

Sounds familiar? The circle never stops and this is what happens: “Never clutter” is better than De-clutter, energy, harms relationships and pollutes the planet.

It is not sustainable.

Shopping is an addiction, but it can be managed through an alternative, much more exciting and sustainable way.

Can you imagine…

If there was no clutter accumulating? Ever.

If you could get as many looks and styles of shoes you wanted, yet they would take almost no space in your shoe cupboard. Well, may be space of a little black dress in your closet… for about 50 styles of shoes.

If the shoes you use actually did good for the planet rather than pollute it?

Can you imagine the effect on your overall well-being it would have? No unnecessary fights with your partner or housemates, saved time and energy, happier feet, and that warm feeling when you clean up the planet – not just your closet.

This is what Cleverstein compact chameleon footwear solution aims to achieve.


You can have as many styles of shoes you want for work, weekend or a night out, but actually store just one to four pairs, which fit well, and transform to match your versatile outfits. The transformation occurs thanks to trendy accessories, which are attached to the shoes with our unique mechanism. So, if tartan or leopard skin are not trendy next season, you can replace the accessories with whatever patterns top fashion houses introduce.

All these pearls come together on our shoe storage device The Capsule. If you ever asked yourself How To Organise Shoes, this is the ultimate answer.

We have launched with ballet flats, but will introduce heels, sandals, and trainers in the due course.

More importantly, our shoes aim to be climate-positive and that’s why they circulate around 4Rs in their lifetime: Reduce, Regenerate, Repair, Recycle. Read more about it on our Sustainability page.

Next time you ask your self How to Organise Wardrobe, ask for Cleverstiens.

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