Our Mission

Cleverstein is on a mission to defeat clutter and pollution by introducing environmentally sustainable shoes that transform to match anything.


Our shoes adapt to fit any outfit. With our innovative
accessories, transform your shoes each day to match your office attire. Dress them down for a relaxed picnic, or dress them up for a glamorous night on the town. Take just one pair of shoes with you when traveling and adapt them for the occasion. There is no limit to the number of styles Cleversteins can match with its 40 accessories.

Starting with ballerina flats, Cleverstein’s range of customisable shoes
will expand to include heels next season. Follow us on Facebook and
Instagram – be the first to find out about our pioneering products.


We spent a lot of time to make sure our shoes are the most comfortable you’ve tried.
Additionally, you don’t need to “break in” a new pair of shoes each time you want a new look. Please, save your feet from unnecessary blisters!


At Cleverstein, we strive for positive changes in our community and
environment. Our shoes aim to achieve 4Rs: Reduce, Regenerate, Repair, Recycle.
Please see our Sustainability page for further details. You’ll help the planet and feng shui your home,


We understand if you want to try before you buy, so we offer free returns
and exchanges on all of our shoes and bundles orders over £100. Alternatively, book an appointment with our founder Tanya Mulesa to see the shoes and accessories at:

The Allbright Mayfair
24 – 26 Maddox Street
London, W1S 1QH

So why Cleversteins?

Cleversteins are at the forefront of innovation in footwear.
They are the perfect shoes for women who live busy imaginative lives, who are smart travelers, who are fun and bold, and who simply care.