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Welcome to Cleverstein London: we bring you the only pair of shoes you’ll ever need; shoes that transform to suit any of your outfits, and your life.

Cleverstein London was born out of a love of shoes, sustainability and minimalism. We thought long and hard about what we wanted to wear and that we wish existed. They had to be fun. They had to be bold. And they had to slot seamlessly into our life.

At the same time, the minimalist in us yearned for simplicity. So we dared to think – would it be possible to have just one or two pairs of shoes to be worn with every single outfit, and still look and feel stylish and fashionable?

An innovative design

We went on a mission to design a shoe with chameleon like power, able to change up every outfit and adapt to every occasion. And so we bring you our first range of Cleversteins.

An innovative design where all you need is our one classic ballet flat, paired up with your choice of 40 interchangeable accessories. Change the accessory on the front to match what you are wearing, and transform your look. With this many options, the styling possibilities are endless. From a day at the office to your dinner party, on your travels and beyond, your Cleversteins have you covered.

But it gets even better. Through our design process we have built in sustainability and our desire to be as gentle as possible to people and planet. As well as saving you the need to buy multiple pairs of shoes, we’ve gone to huge efforts to make sure our shoes are made from the best quality materials we could get are hands on, and are built to last.

The making of Cleversteins

We traipsed all over Europe to make our designs a reality. As well as looking for materials, we searched high and low for the best way that we could produce our shoes whilst minimising our environmental and social impact. We’ve made sure we can achieve the 3 common principles of recycling (reduce, reuse, recycle) and even added our own “R” – to help Regenerate the environment by planting a tree for every pair of shoes we make.

We have thought of every detail, big and small, starting from where the leather is sourced, down to the kind of packaging we use and the ability to recycle all our materials. Within our production operations, we only work with suppliers that meet our stringent sustainability standards. To minimise our carbon footprint, we have chosen to have our shoes made in Europe. Our office runs entirely on renewable energy.

Fun facts: in making our shoes we don’t even commission materials to be especially made for us. That’s right! We source our leather for the uppers from food industry waste. No animals have been reared for us just for their leather (sadly this kind of practice does happen elsewhere). The materials in our accessories happen to be new virgin materials, but they were also unwanted – we have sourced them all from off cuts and waste from the fashion industry.

Closing the loop

As your Cleversteins will be your constant companion, there will inevitably be wear and tear. We know this, and so we have partnered with a shoe recycling company who will recycle the components in your shoes once they have lived a happy life with you. It’s easy – simply post the shoe to our partner SOEX and we will give you a 10% discount on your next Cleversteins.

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