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How it works

Transform basic elegant shoes into formal, casual or evening wear with a choice of our accessories.
The elegant belt over the shoe holds the accessories perfectly, however big they are.

Travel Organiser

Take as many looks of shoes as you need and travel light.
Save space in your carry-on bag for things that really matter.
Simply place shoe accessories in the travel wallet and pack with your most comfortable pair of Cleversteins.
It comes complimentary with every pair of shoes you order.

Closet Organiser

Forget dozens of shoe boxes, which take up space
and hide shoes you forget even exist.
Our closet organiser stores up to 100 styles
of shoes on 1 hanger.
See all styles of shoes on one palette, snap them up and go.
It comes complimentary if you order 2 pairs of shoes and/or 4 pairs of shoe accessories.


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