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We incorporated on April 20, 2018. We piloted first sales in April 2019 and launched fully in September 2019.

Our shoes are made mainly of leather: upper, inner/lining and soles. Soles are a combination of Tuscan leather and rubber inserts. You can see the details by clicking “i” sign next to the shoe pictures on Step 1 of the shopping journey.

We are working on the vegan alternatives to our shoes and accessories.

Our accessories are made from a combination of various materials, 90% of which are upcycled offcuts from the manufacturing of handbags (leather) and garments (fabric) by our partner brands. You can check the details by clicking “i” sign next to each accessory you choose on Step 2 of the shopping journey.

We are working on the vegan alternative to leather for all our accessories and shoes.

Our shoes and accessories are manufactured in Europe – in Ukraine. We make sure labour in our supply chain is fairly-paid and work in safe conditions. Over 90% of our materials are also sourced within Europe. Please read more about our supply chain here.

We are working on a heel design, which will be released later in the year.

Our shoes should serve you for at least 1 season. To prolong their life, please add extra protection by adding a rubber layer on the sole before you start wearing them (your shoe cobbler would be able to do it). We do not recommend exposing the shoes frequently to rain water and changing your accessories more than 3 times a day (to make sure the attachment mechanism maintains its look and strength). If you do expose the shoes to water, please let them dry naturally the same day before using again.

If you experience any issues with the shoes or any of the accessories, please let us know (email and we will sort it out.

Cleverstein is an old German surname. We chose it as a brand name because it reflects clever design of our footwear solution and pays tribute to the country, where sustainability is deeply engraved in the culture. Germany has one of the most effective and the oldest recycling, energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in the world. Their sustainability standards serve as our benchmark.

It is a storage solution for your Cleverstein shoes and accessories. It holds up to 2 pairs of shoes and 24 pairs of accessories on one closet hanger. It helps you de-clutter and keep everything in one place.