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AW20 Hawaii Collection


Please meet our micro AW20 shoe accessories collection: Hawaii. 

“Micro” because nature is asking for fewer “fashion items”.

6 years ago my husband and I went to Hawaii on a honeymoon. I’ve been mesmerised by the concentration of microclimates, colours and biodiversity in one place. I went back in time and captured 3 core colours of that honeymoon: crayola blue ocean, avocado green forests, and volcano black cliffs. Our 2 new shoe accessories reflect them well.

Hawaiian Bow reflects the powerful ocean waves of Kauai island. Just like you, the waves are poised, captivating, and effectual. The bow sets just the right mood for the day.

By the way, these leather bows are made completely from handbag factory offcut waste, which was destined for landfill. We gave it a second beautiful life.


This season we collaborated with the wonderful Italian boutique Marta Scarampi. We used scrap from the production of their cape Rachel to make our Lucia accessories. Lucia Scarampi is Marta’s sister and a co-founder of the brand. She is the inspiration behind this collaboration and a wonderful lady.




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