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My heart is pounding right now. It is time to show Cleverstein’s second collection this year… but it is not like any other collection you have seen in footwear before. This is a new line of shoe accessories, which transform your classic flats to match various formal, casual and evening outfits in your wardrobe.

I am conscious that sharing a new cause and a new way of thinking about shoes isn’t your daily Love Your Style type of conversation. But I firmly believe you don’t need to buy different shoes to match your green bag, red trousers or orange trench coat… however beautiful they are. Instead, having lovingly comfortable made-to-last classic shoes with chameleon powers to change their colour palette and shape would be a much more sustainable, practical, yet elegant, stylish and fashionable solution.

We spent this beautiful summer talking to many of you getting feedback, ideas, listening to your lifestyle and daily wardrobe needs. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the amount of ideas will take the next 5 seasons to implement. But we are determined to make your relationships with shoes easier, more fun, joyful and… caring.

Speaking of caring. We are called “impact” brand in the industry. Simply because we are here to make a positive impact in the world. That is why we have committed to our 4Rs: Reduce, Regenerate, Repair, Recycle. These 4Rs make our shoes circular – adding to the world’s transition to the circular economy… one step at a time.

Our AW19 capsule is themed as Modern Vintage. Let’s be honest, interchangeable clips on shoes have been here for ages, particularly buzzing in the 80s. Cleverstein is bringing this cool solution back under a more sleek, professional, yet fun and sustainably-cooked gourmet sauce.

We are capturing this season’s core colours: green, blue, orange and gold. Half of the collection is designed in a new shape – the Tube, which organically slides onto the shoe belt and looks perfectly professional, suitable for both business meetings, travel, or your weekend ride in a vintage car (don’t forget to offset your emissions though ;))…

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Let’s enjoy a bit of healthy shoe-therapy. But don’t forget – BUY LESS, BUY BETTER.

Truly yours,   Tanya

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